Allah, the Ghayb, and the 5th Dimension (part 1)

December 7, 2018





I greet you in the ancient greeting of peace! As-salaamu alaikum.


I wanted to talk about science today. I want to talk about string theory, black holes, quantum reality, and the 4th and 5th dimensions, which are topics being discussed in field of physics. And what does Islam got to say about it? Remember , historically it was under Moors and Muslims that the scientific theory was established in the first place. We inherited the sciences from Egypt, Greece. And carried that banner for a thousand years. We brought the world algebra, the current numbering system of 0 through 10, called the Arabic numbering systems.


But we have gone away from scientific inquiry and focused primarily on fiq and theology. Those are good things, but the Quran also tells us to look at his creation, observe the natural phenomenon around us. There are many verses of the Quran that emphasizes our duty to observe Allah’s creation.


In Surah (Ar-Room,30:50) of the Holy Qur’an Allah says:


“Then contemplate (O mankind !) on the tokens of Allah's Mercy! how He gives life to the earth after its death…”


Also in Surah (Yusuf,12:105) Allah says:


“And how many a sign within the heavens and earth do they pass over while they, therefrom, are turning away.!”


You see the Holy Qur’an says in Surah 12:2 :


“Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur'an that you might think”.


In the Arabic the word used in Surah 12:2  is Aqil, which means to think, reflect, to use your intellect, to reason. Well today I want us to use your Aqil and put on our thinking caps today. I am going to take you on a space exploration in your minds. Is that alright? My goal today is not to try to convince you of anything, but I only want you to reflect on the signs of Allah.


You will understand the awesomeness of Allah on a deeper level when you begin to utilize your Aqil or our intellect and observe Allah’s creation. And what an awesome God we serve. When you reflect on the universe there is no way you would even think, even consider, associating partners with Allah. All praises are due to Allah. Alhamdulillah. For he, she, or it is just that great, that awesome. He is even beyond our limited notions of gender, and race. He is even beyond notions of time and space. He has no end or beginning, he begets not nor is he begotten, and there is none like unto him. So by observing God’s creation, by reflecting, using our Aqil. You can bear witness for real that Allah is Akbar, meaning that God is the greatest.


You see, Scientists say we exist in a 4 dimensional reality but we can only see in 2 or 3 dimensions.(Expressed as variables  X,Y, and Z in mathematics).


For example, if I asked you to meet me at Target on Main street by 1pm. That’s a place and time, 2 dimensional. But usually that is not good enough. Are we inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs? if I asked you to meet me upstairs in the appliance department , that’s the 3rd dimension. You have never met someone at a place without meeting them at a time. And you never have met someone at a time unless you met them at a place. That requires 4 dimensions


The GPS in our cars and phones usually gives us only 2 dimensional directions, but we need 4 dimensions to meet upstairs in the appliance  department at Target.  Just the time and address would not be enough.


With your permission, in sha’ Allah I want to take you on a dimensional journey.  Get ready for this….Okay ….imagine, I’m at my desk, my desk is a flat surface, okay. I start putting pages down on the desk. I’m tiling them on the desk. Then I run out of room, run out of space on the desk. I exhausted the 2 dimensions of the surface of my desk. We have ways of solving this problem. We have page organizers that go upward. So when I do not have any surface AREA on the desk (in the 2 dimensions) I can enter a 3rd dimension by putting the paper upwards into the page organizer.


If you are an ant embedded in this 2 dimensional reality of my desk, and you fill up the desk with this paper. The ant will say there is no more room on this desk. But I respond by saying, yes there is … and I take one of the pieces of paper off of the desk and put it into the organizer that is embedded in the 3rd dimension, and to the ant, that paper just disappears. It disappears into a dimension that ant doesn’t have access to. Because he only sees in 2 dimensions. What a brilliant invention this is. You can place an unlimited amount of paper going upwards by adding another layer to the organizer. You can put far more paper in these organizers than on the desk. So access to the 3rd dimension is an extraordinary useful storage device to a 2-dimensional creature.


So imagine,we have a 3 dimensional room, (height, width, and depth) and we fill it with 3 dimensional boxes of stuff. When we run out of room,  imagine a 4 dimensional being of some sort (could be an angel, a jinn, an alien of some sort) and he looks at us and say, I got this. This is easy, just move some of those boxes up to the 4 dimension, problem solved. This 4 dimensional being takes one of the boxes ….and it just disappears. It went into a 4th dimension. Now we are no different than the ant that only saw in 2 dimensions when we took the paper from the desk and put it in the 3 dimensional paper organizer.  To the 4 dimensional being, he sees us as the ant. That is probably why Iblis had a problem with us being chosen by Allah to be his vicegerent or ruler in the earth. All he could see, when he looked at us, was dust.


So imagine a new storage system that you can pickup from Home Depot or Walmart and buy a door. And that door is your portal to the 4th dimension. You open the door, put in your boxes, close the door, and when you look on the other side of the door the boxes just disappear. There is nothing there. This is what is going on when you have access to higher dimensions.


So you can ask, then how can you prove these other dimensions if we cannot see them? Right? Good question. God Allah can send messengers or prophets, or send angels, or speak directly to you. The Qur'an bears witness to this. But... how do you prove this? That is a difficult question but scientists see evidence of ghayb in quantum physics.   In Quantum physics they have these quantum particles that just pop in and out of existence that defy our sensibilities. That defy any attempt to understand it. Particles can be entangled with one another. A particle can be here in front of a barrier and disappear and show up  or just teleport to the other side of the barrier faster than the speed of light. All of this is just mysterious. So something is out here beyond our senses. So those that say that don’t believe in God because they can’t see our touch him are foolish. Our senses are limited, and Allah is unlimited.


Mathematics and science say there is a thing called the Fourth Dimension which is expressed in Time, and space.  We talked previously of the fourth dimension as space, but let’s talk about in terms of time.. Picture yourself at this very moment. Now, imagine yourself five minutes ago — or five days, or five years, or (if you want to really blow your own mind) five centuries. To grasp a world observed from the Fourth Dimension (as ours is from the Third), picture each of these variations of yourself as physically connected along a long string of time.


There is this thing called String Theory, which is a cosmological theory based on the existence of cosmic strings. And these String theorists say, and these are the people that study Black Holes in the universe, they say although these 4 dimensions are manifest to us, but we are in fact embedded in higher dimensions.  String theorists say there is up to 10 dimensions to account for everything that we see in the universe.


So,the 4th dimension is ....


(Continued  to part 2 by Clicking here)




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